Data Transfer Rate Converter

The Data transfer rate converter is converters Megabytes, Kilobits, Terabytes, Gigabits, Bit (bps) and many other data units between each other.

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What are Data Transfer Rate Units?

The most commonly used international data transfer rate units are as follows:

  • Terabit (Tbps)
  • Gigabit (Gbps)
  • Megabit (Mbps)
  • Kilobit (kbps)
  • Bit (bps)
  • Kilobyte (kBps)
  • Megabyte (MBps)
  • Gigabyte (GBps)
  • Terabyte (TBps)
Data Transfer Rate Converter

Data Transfer Calculator

The data transfer converter is used to convert data units, which are widely used in computer science, between each other.

Data Transfer Speed Calculator

Bps means bits per second. For this reason, when you make the conversions, you also calculate the data transfer speed.


What does data transfer rate mean?

Data transfer rate is the time it takes to transmit data on the Internet. The transmitted amount can be bits or bytes. For example; An internet speed of 100 Megabits (Mbps) means that it can transfer data at 100 Megabits per second.

How to Calculate Data Transfer Rate?

The data transfer rate calculation formula in its simplest form is as follows: Speed = Data Transferred / Elapsed Time

What does 1 Mbps mean?

1 Mbps means that I can transfer up to one million data per second. Mbps = Megabits per second.