Fluid Units Converter

Using the liquid units conversion tool, you can easily calculate Liters, Gallons, Barrels, Milliliters, Kiloliters and many other units between each other.

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What are Fluid Units?

The most commonly used international units of liquid are as follows:

  • Killiters (kL)
  • Barrel (bbl)
  • Hectoliter (hL)
  • Gallon (gal)
  • Liter (L)
  • Milliliter (mL)
Fluid Units Converter

Converting Between Fluid Units

You can easily perform the following conversions between each other using our liquid units conversion tool.

Liter (L) - Gallon (gal)Liter (L) - Milliliter (mL)Gallon (gal) - Milliliter (mL)Barrels (bbl) - Liters (L)Gallon (gal) - Barrel (bbl)

You can convert more fluid units with the help of our converter tool


1 Gallon (gal) How Many Liters

1 gallon = 3.78541178 liters (L).

How Many Liters in 1 Barrel (bbl)

1 barrel (bbl) is 159 liters and equals 42 gallons.

US Liquid Measure Nedir

The gallon is considered a unit of liquid measurement used in some countries, primarily in the UK and North America.