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You can easily calculate Mil/Liter, Kilometer/Liter, Mil/Gallon and many units between each other using the fuel consumption conversion tool.

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What are the Fuel Consumption Units?

The most commonly used international fuel consumption units are as follows:

  • Miles per Gallon (UK) (mpg)
  • Miles per Gallon (US) (mpg)
  • Miles / Liters (mi/L)
  • Kilometer / Liter (km/L)
  • Liters / 100 Km (L/100km)
Fuel Consumption Converter


19 MPG how many liters

19 mpg corresponds to 8,077 Kilometers / Liter (km/L) in the US, while in the UK it is 6,726 Kilometers / Liters (km/L).

How many MPG in 1 liter?

1 liter corresponds to 2,825 Mil / Gallon(UK) (mpg) and 2,352 Mil / Gallon(US) (mpg).