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What is Volume?

Volume is the area an object occupies in space (physical medium). The SI unit is the cubic metre. It is symbolized by m3.

What are Volume Units?

The most commonly used international volume units are as follows:

  • Cubic kilometers (km3)
  • cubic hectometers (hm3)
  • Cubic decameter (dam3)
  • Cubic meter (m3)
  • Cubic decimeters (dm3)
  • Cubic centimeters (cm3)
  • Cubic millimeters (mm3)
Volume Units Converter

Converting Between Volume Units

You can easily perform the following conversions between each other using our volume units conversion tool.

Cubic kilometers (km3) - Cubic meters (m3)Cubic millimeters (mm3) - Cubic meters (m3)Cubic decimeters (dm3) - Cubic millimeters (mm3)Cubic meter (m3) - Cubic hectometer (hm3)

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How is cylinder volume measured?

Volume = π x height x diameter2 / 4.

How to calculate 1 cubic meter?

The cubic meter (m3) is the volume of a cube with a side length of 1 metre. It is calculated as length x width x height.

How many cubic cm in 1 cubic meter?

1 cubic meter = 1000000 Cubic Centimeters (cm3).