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Using the data units conversion tool, you can easily calculate Megabits, Kilobytes, Terabytes, bits and many units between each other.

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What are Data Storage Units?

The most commonly used international data storage metrics are as follows:

  • bit (b)
  • Byte (B)
  • Kilobytes (kB)
  • Gigabytes (GB)
  • Terabytes (TB)
  • Yottabyte (TB)
  • Megabytes (MB)
Data Units Converter


What is the Biggest Data Unit?

The largest data metric is Yottabyte and corresponds to 1024 Bytes.

How many bytes is 1 bit?

1 byte is 8 bits. 1 bit is 0.125 Bytes (B).

How many bits are in 1 kilobyte?

The value of 1 kilobyte is 8192 Bits (b).